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Scott Bricker

Founder and CEO

B.A.      University of Arizona ('97)

M.B.A  University of Phoenix ('11)

Educational Technology

We have a wealth of experience integrating technology into classrooms and helping teachers adjust to this ever-changing world.​
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Help your company or department become a more cohesive, effective unit through individual and team coaching.

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​Reconnect with your core values and strengths to increase your enjoyment and passion for life.

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Creating a Path Toward Success

Scott Bricker Coaching, Training, and Consulting provides clients with the unique insights and skills necessary to build positive, successful relationships in and out of the workplace. 

Beginning with an honest look within at your authentic self and your most highly regarded values, beliefs and morals, you will effectively learn practical lessons to apply to your daily life, through interactive Coaching and Training sessions. Clients who take advantage of Coaching and Training find greater success rates, more fullfillment in work and personal life, and become active participants in team growth and success in professional and personal settings.

If you are ready to take your skills, your company and your life to new heights, take the first step and contact Scott Bricker Coaching, Training, and Consulting for more information! 

Building Your

Relationship Infrastructure

Consulting & Coaching to Effectively Realize Individual & Team Potential

Scott Bricker Coaching Training & Consulting