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Developing a Training & PD Plan 

  • Custom Training Content
  • Videos, Handouts, Resources
  • Creating a Plan & Vision for PD
  • ​Teacher and Student Led Training

Faculty & Staff Group Dynamics

  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting & Evaluation
  • Communication Skills
  • PLC's---Planning, Implementation & Development

Teacher Coaching 

  • Skill Evaluation
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Creative Lesson Plans
  • Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom
  • Individual and Group Coaching

Technology Planning & Implementation

  • Campus Infrastructure
  • Device Selection
  • Faculty Training & Development Plan
  • Student Training Plan
  • ​Vision, Mission, Purpose

    Advances in technology have forever shifted the classroom of yesterday to a more collaborative, interactive space, opening up countless doors and opportunities to students and teachers. While this shift provides greater access to information and resources than ever before, implementing technology on small or large scale can be a difficult journey to navigate, full of tough decisions, battles and unexpected issues. With the dedication of the entire staff and open lines of communication, however, the journey will result in a campus full of students who are more engaged in the learning process and teachers who are more passionate about their impact on students and their learning.

    Not only do schools and districts need to provide the best software and devices to their students and teachers, but they also must ensure the Professional Development is in place for both groups to ensure the success of everything from device selection all the way down to the day-to-day impact the technology has on instruction in and out of the classroom. This ensures the eventual buy-in of all involved parties and, ultimately, guarantees your technology program will reach its full potential.  

​    As a Microsoft Innovative Educator-Expert (MIEE) and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), I have worked extensively to find new and more improved ways to incorporate effective & appropriate technology into the classroom. 

K-12 Educational Technology